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If you would like further information about Tri-Boro
Terrace Realty
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 In a megametropolis with literally hundreds of commutable suburbs and urban neighborhoods to sort through, one of the highest costs of living in the U.S., great disparities in schools, housing costs and lifestyles, and real estate rules that defy any standard, you need all the help you can get to make the right decisions.
That's where we come in. Let your Tri-Boro Terrace Realty Relocation Advisor do the navigating and ferret out the absolute right match for all of these critical choices:
Immediate telephone contact and communication with transferee
Face-to-face consultation
Needs analysis and assessment
Assessment, identification and selection of appropriate communities (neighborhoods and/or towns) based upon
•  Housing: buying or renting, suburban or urban, size requirements, purchase price or rental guidelines
•  Educational requirements
•  Commutation issues
•  Lifestyle and recreational needs
Overnight customized relocation package, based upon needs analysis of budget, lifestyle needs and special requirements including, but not limited to:
•  Local real estate customs and procedures -- disclosure and agency information
•  Spousal job or special interest s information
•  Childcare/Eldercare information
•  Schools and/or appropriate education information
•  Transportation information and guidance
•  Parks and Recreational activities
•  Cultural activities
•  Medical facilities
•  Housing prices and sample listings
•  Income to mortgage qualification information when appropriate
•  Detailed appropriate local area Maps
•  Community specific information for appropriate areas
•  Climate
•  Tax Issues and state differences
Identify and arrange visits to suitable schools -- assist with special education needs
Identify and arrange visits to pre-school facilities
Customized itinerary and viewing schedules designed and coordinated to optimize time
Selection of appropriate real estate professionals identified and matched to work with the transferee
Plan arrival strategy
Area overview / orientation trip
Housing in appropriate neighborhoods
Transportation -- including commute to local schools and workplace
Local amenities
Shopping/centers and facilities for specific needs
Parks and Recreation
Education issues, including adult education
Geographic and historical points of interest
Restaurants and community amenities
Medical Facilities
Major businesses
Sports facilities
Places of worship
Special additional international and VIP needs
Bank account set-up and guidance regarding different banking styles
Assistance with credit and mortgage issues
Spousal Assistance -- identify and assist spouse in career oriented activities and networking from a business and social perspective
School registration and assistance with international education issues
Information regarding ethnic social programs and language schools
Government or relevant official documents
•  Social security
•  Arrange for driving lessons (if appropriate)
•  Local driver's license application and information
•  Parking permits
•  Post office procedures
Local amenities from a cross-cultural perspective
•  Local libraries
•  Community centers
•  Sports and Health Club facilities
•  Art, Music, Dance, Theater, Cultural Events
•  Media Advise -- i.e. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines
Automobile purchase/lease options and evaluation
Local shopping customs and products
An explanation of the health/medical system
Local laws, customs and etiquette
Furniture rental/purchase assistance
Utility and telephone set-up
Operation of appliances
Insurance information and assistance -- car and home
Provide total turnkey housing arrangements and/or services
Trantition process
Facilitation of lease execution for renters
Temporary housing assistance/arrangements
Assistance with utility transfers or set-up
Provision of qualified resources and information, from educational consultants and car mechanics and contractors to mortgage brokers and housekeepers
Resource list of emergency telephone numbers
Area integration and networking assistance
Spousal networking assistance and introductions -- personal and career
Storage issues
Post move-in support and follow up to assist with problems and/or emergencies available for:
•  First year
•  First three months
•  First six months

Constant single point of contact follow-up throughout the search and transition process
If you would like further information about Tri-Boro Terrace Realty
and how we can assist you, please complete
the online form and send it to us.

Tri-Boro Terrace Realty
31-08 Astoria Boulevard South
Astoria, New York 11102
Tel#: (718) 721-9900
Fax#: (718) 721-2370

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